In signal analysis, the term phase means a distinct time period in a signal, and possible similar periods in other cycles.

The term unphase means to desynchronize a signal. A signal is unphased if it is desynchronized with related signals.

In genomics, the genotype data can be unphased. That is, your DNA can be sequenced without splitting it into the halves coming from your mom and dad.

The term unphased is also used as a technical joking substitute for unfazed. Someone is unfazed if he is unperturbed by event or distraction. Occasionally, the word "unfazed" is spelled "unphased". For example, a Minneapolis newspaper ran the headline "Bicycle commuters unphased by snow". This suggests that the bicyclists are not daunted by the snow, and also that they are not in phase with the rest of the commuters.

Here are some self-synchronizing metronomes.
In mathematical physics, the phase space is the cotangent bundle to the manifold of system configurations, and is the natural setting for Hamiltonian and Lagrangian mechanics. Functions on phase space can be quantized into noncommuting self-adjoint operators on Hilbert space. These concepts are fundamental to much of modern physics. A brief mathematical introduction may be found here.
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Dictionary definitions
faze (verb) 1: to disturb the composure of.
gametic phase (noun) 1: original DNA sequences from parents
in phase (adj) 1: coherent with another signal; 2: correlated.
out of phase (adj) 1: shifted so as to be not in phase.
phase (noun) 1: distinct time period in a signal (as in: initial phase); 2: similar periods of time in signal cycles (as in: phase of the moon).
phase in (verb) 1: introduce gradually.
phase out (verb) 1: terminate gradually.
phase space (noun) 1: space of all system states; 2: cotangent bundle.
phase transition (noun) 1: abrupt change from one thermodynamic state to another; 2: melting, boiling, or the reverse.
signal (noun) 1: any communication that encodes a message.
unfazed (adj) 1: unperturbed by event or distraction.
unphase (verb) 1: desynchronize a signal.
unphased (adj) 1: desynchronized; 2: unfazed.